For me Yoga means
understanding who I am.
connecting deeper with myself,
my own actions, intensions and thoughts
and sometimes simply letting go.


Tamara Felder Yoga

Tamara offers „state-of-the-art“ yoga practice that excludes nothing and is open to integrating new elements. She adapts traditional asanas and combines fascial movements into her daily routine to bring awareness to the body and actively contribute to well-being. In addition to physical asana practice and Pranayama techniques, she also includes meditation to create balance, to let go and pause.

Tamara Felder Yoga
is a platform to practice together offline and online, to network and exchange as well as to get insights on business, lifestyle, and yoga through her blog “MindfulNess/Less Society”.

Nice to meet you – if not now WHEN?!


Mindful ness | less Society

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