Backbend Alchemy – „Your Serpentine Symphony“ I 5 May 2024

Backbend Alchemy - 5 May 2024

Backbend Alchemy - "Your Serpentine Symphony" I 5 May 2024

Most of us try to avoid backbends in our yoga practice but actually there is nothing to be scared off.
In this all-level workshop we will slowly, playful and with a bit of background anatomy information explore the „so called“ world of heart openers.  
Together we will establish a modern and science-based backbend practice and I will guide you through warm-ups and drills which will change your backbend game forever.
Understand the anatomy of the spine, hips and shoulders and how they relate also to the related muscles which are necessary to find your freedom in backbends.  

We will try different backbend techniques and we will play around with different shapes and asanas.

This workshop is for everyone who is curious and willing to gain insights about different areas of your body and mind.
Back bending is a practice of trusting and believing in yourself.

(2,5 hr Workshop – All Level)
Price p/P – 55 EUR (Early bird until one month before the event takes place
Price p/P – 65 EUR (after the early bird price ended)

Latifee Studio
Schöpfstraße 20 I 6020 Innsbruck I Austria

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