Split Alchemy – „Unveiling the Art of active and static Stretches“ I 14 April 2024

Split Alchemy I 14 April 2024

Split Alchemy - "Unveiling the Art of active and static Stretches" I 14 April 2024

As simple as it sounds – commit to a stretching routine and you will achieve your splits.
We will mainly focus on the body areas necessary for your split.
At the same time, different types of tissue need different types of movement.
We never just stretch fasciae – these are structurally connected in so-calles muscle-fascia chains.

Therefore, in this yin yoga class class we integrate different movements and types of stretching as well as profit from the advantages of:
– Elasticity
– Plasticity
– and last but not least Viscoelasticity.

Of course, we will also include our fav yin yoga poses:
– static stretch which means a grater increase in the Range of Motion but decreases the muscle excitability
– dynamic stretch which means less effective for the Range of Motion but great for increasing elasticity and glide.

This workshop is designed for beginners to advanced practitioners.
Splits often also relates with the state of mind you are currently in and by working on it I promise you will also find more freedom by thinking of certain things.

(2,5 hr Workshop – All Level)
Price p/P – 55 EUR (Early bird until one month before the event takes place)
Price p/P – 65 EUR (after the early bird price ended)

Latifee Studio
Schöpfstraße 20 I 6020 Innsbruck I Austria

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