Chakra Balancing – A yoga flow through the Vayus I 30 March 2024 

Chakra Balancing - 30 March 2024

Chakra Balancing - A yoga flow through the Vayus I 2 March 2024

In this workshop we align the meditative breath and yoga movement in so called asanas. Bringing the different learnings together and combine them in the best suitable way.
The western aspect of physiological and anatomical properties as well as the eastern spiritual way of seeing and understanding things.
A short lecture will help you to understand both ways before we dive into the practice and walk and move through the mudras of the prana vayus aligned with the breath.
This flow will guide us in more calm stages as well as more energetic paces, explore the myofascial meridians and expand the mind over body.

Surrender where you are and let go – not pause – be present and feel.

We are ending this session with Holy Fire Reiki and alchemy crystal sound bath for a total physical and emotional reset.
This is for you, if you are looking for an overall sense of well-being and reset.
A grounding experience where the focus of balancing and calming the nervous system is in the center of attention through working with the vayus.

(3 hr Workshop – All Level)
Price p/P – 75 EUR (Early bird until one month before the event takes place
Price p/P – 85 EUR (after the early bird price ended)

Latifee Studio
Schöpfstraße 20 I 6020 Innsbruck I Austria

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